Impossible Mexico – Two

Happy Teacher’s Day in Mexico!

A study by the Mexican Institute for Competition found out that 70 teachers in the country earn more than the President (more than 193,000 pesos or more than 14,000 USD a month). One teacher even earns around 600,000 pesos a month (roughly 46,000 USD). In the state of Hidalgo, 1440 teachers share the same birthday – 12 December 1912, i.e. they are 101 years old…still giving classes??? At least still cashing in their pay checks.

Seriously, oversight has to be strengthened in Mexico! Taxpayers should demand that. And also teachers who earn average salaries (the OECD lists a salary of around 16,000 pesos or 1200 USD a month for a Mexican teacher).

Se eleva a ocho la cifra de mexicanos muertos en El Paso, Texas

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