Karen Kleinwort

Born and raised in Germany and educated in my native land, Japan, the US and the UK, I have lived and worked in more than half a dozen countries since I graduated from university in 1996. I am married to a Mexican. My two kids are experiencing very different childhoods from the ones of my husband and myself – being binational by birth and at least tricultural by their backgrounds and lives so far.

I am a trained radio, television, print and online journalist and have been covering business, politics, international law, development, sustainability and cross-cultural issues during my career. I have also worked in shipping, knowledge management, public relations and project management.

Being a professional, a woman, a wife, a mother and a generally interested human being, I would like http://www.thedailyimperfections.com to be a site of ideas, inspiration and discussions on a whole range of subjects.

Find more about me on

Twitter: @KarenKleinwort

Instagram: karenkleinwortcom

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